Your Pocket PT

Using the Shane Finn Fitness App you can train or workout from anywhere in the world!

No matter what your start point or fitness level is we can help you - the bespoke training programs designed just for you are challenging for you & not anybody else!

Having been a Personal Trainer for over 6 years now I understand the difficulties and struggles people face - I want to help make this process more direct for you & educate you along the way too!

1 to 1 support & guidence

Within the Shane Finn Fitness App you can both log and track your nutrition. On top of that you get a weekly check in with Shane every Monday & live support throughout the week too! With the built in messenger system Shane is on hand to offer advice, accountability & to make sure you are taking action.

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Train With Me From Anywhere In The World.....

Using the Shane Finn Fitness App you can workout from home, on the go, on holidays or at the gym! As well as that you can track your nutrition & get 1 to 1 feedback & support from Shane to help you reach your goals