6 Tips On Becoming A Better Runner

So I have put some thought into this blog post! For a number of different reasons - things and changes I have seen both in myself and in others! This equates to running, doing your first ultra, doing your first triathlon perhaps or maybe you just simply want to drop a few pounds and some body fat! 

Maybe you have followed what I am doing or maybe you have not! Either way, I am constantly trying to find new ways to become better, new ways to develop & better ways of doing things. I think everyone needs to do it! In fitness, endurance, business & in life too!

This post is honest and to the point. It might make some people uncomfortable, but that's a good thing! 

So I have compiled some tips below that I think might help you get where you are trying to go! 

  1. You HAVE to become more consistent. Consistency is the number one thing that will help you reach goals. Do the work day after day, not sporadically here and there. Consistent daily improvements add up to huge progress over time. Consistency is the number one thing I recommend people look at and try to fix or mold into their daily lives. This principle applies for your fitness, running, fat loss or business. If you want to see meaningful change you need to stay consistent ad focus on the long term vision! Rome wasn't built in a day! We live in a "instant gratification" world at the moment - you can have lots of things very quickly & right away. Unfortunately the same does not apply when working towards meaningful goals! Play the long game, learn as much about yourself as you can & strive for constant improvement! 

  2. Mindset is everything. This flows nicely into point number 2! Your mindset is also a crucial aspect of becoming better in the above points we have stated. Maintaining that mindset & consistency over time along with realising that really achieving your goals might be some time away is the real struggle. If I were to tell you right now - that you will be able to achieve the things you want to achieve - but it could take 3-5 years. Would you still do what you need to do today to make that step forward? Instead of looking at what you need to do at a race in 2 weeks time, or ponder over how much weight you can drop in 6 weeks or how much money you can make in 12 weeks - think about what you can do in 3 or 5 years. You could and can change your life in that time. Problem is .... people don't stay consistent in the pursuit - their mindset isn't rigid - the positivity comes and goes. That's why you might be stuck - buckle up - do the work every day and I will repost this article three years from today. Believe me, there are days where the last thing I want to do is train or do the things I need to do. But I take a look at where I am and then look at where I want to go.

  3. Are you are fooling the person in the mirror? You can fool a training program, you can fool a coach, you can fool those around you, you can fool people on social media too actually! But you cannot fool yourself. Be honest, are you doing what you need to do in order to get to where you want to go? Are you pushing the limits and the boundaries of your own personal fitness? If you place honest effort into every day then you will see progress. I urge you to make the person in the mirror your main competitor - wake up every day with the goal of bettering yourself. Bettering your last workout & bettering your last effort! Let other people do their thing - you do your thing - no need to compare yourself to them - compare yourself to the person you were 30/60/90 days ago. That's the real competition you need to win.

  4. Learn to listen to your body! Your body is a very intelligent machine. Learning the art of listening to your body is something I would recommend everyone does. Learn when to rest, learn when to go. I often see people get so fixated and stuck to a program that they do not listen to their bodies, they break down & pick up an injury! No matter what level of endurance you are currently at - injuries suck. Listen to the signals, if your tired or feeling fatigued, jump on the bike, go for a swim, hit the gym or cut the session in half. Practice this method and you will increase your longevity as an endurance athlete thus becoming fitter and into better shape over time!

  5. Does your lifestyle match your goals? Let's call a spade a spade on this one too. Does your lifestyle align with what you want to achieve or the results you want to see? Are you looking after your body as best you can? Are you nourishing your body with correct nutrition? Are you giving your goals the respect & time they deserve? All these factors come into play when you set big goals! I don't want to make this a nutrition specific section but since I started working with and learning from Barry Murray I have made some big changes! If you are serious about achieving your endurance nutrition goals and taking that side of things to the next level I recommend you reach out to him by clicking his name. It's also important to give your goals and ambitions the respect and time they deserve - I know I am possibly 10 years away from my fastest Ironman - that doesn't make me impatient it actually makes me excited - play the long game as I mentioned and enjoy the process folks.

  6. Recover Properly! Putting a solid recovery protocol in place to compliment your hard training and effort is also a vital spoke in this moving wheel! Training for an event or a race places stress on the body as we know - recovering and adapting from this is where you actually become fitter and get yourself ready to go again! What I find works well me for me is the following! A) Water - yes obviously drinking water but getting the legs into the water too. A handy one living in beautiful West Kerry! B) Food - getting plenty of good quality real protein into me in the form of eggs, meats etc. No need for fancy and expensive supplements! C) Magnesium Spray - sprayed on my legs post-race or long training session usually after the shower! D) Active recovery - for me its swimming or more often the bike! Getting back out keeping the legs moving and still being able to train for aerobic fitness!

So there you have it folks! I compiled these notes and points with the idea of them helping and assisting you in some way with your training & your goals! 

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