DAY TWO - Going ultra for...


Daily Blog 2: (On behalf of) Alyssa Reeves  

What is your biggest dream for the future?  

‘For Alyssa to be as independent as possible, to be whatever she wants to be - whether that’s a princess, neurosurgeon or anything in between… and to know when to stand up for herself and her rights.’  

What does SBHI mean to you? 

‘Everything!! SBHI is our second family. It is a huge part of our lives and we would be lost without the support of the staff, volunteers and its members.’ 

What do you think about Shane Finn and his American Ultra challenge? 

‘Crazy, scary, exciting, epic, generous, great awareness and once in a lifetime are just a few words that come to mind… We are disappointed that we can’t be there to support him, but we will be supporting him from the best county in Ireland – KILDARE!’

Shane Finn