Guess who's leaving today?!

Guess who’s leaving today?

No, not Britain (not yet anyway!)... 


Today Shane Finn will leave the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco as he begins his 5000 km ultra endurance run and cycle across America for SBHI.

Over the coming weeks, this is some of what you can expect...

  • Daily updates: We will be sharing updates each day as Shane completes each difficult section of his journey. To keep up to date, just visit the event website at:

  • Going ultra for...: Each day we will share the story of one SBHI member that Shane is going ultra for

  • Twists and turns: Nobody knows what’s around the corner with American Ultra. Expect plenty of surprises as Shane and the team take on this adventure of a life-time!

  • Opportunities to share content: We can only hit Shane’s ambitious fundraising target of lots of people hear about American Ultra, please keep sharing the content and telling everyone you meet about American Ultra.

  • Lots of selfies!: You know Shane! Expect lots of shots and posts from Shane as he reflects each day on the monumental miles he’s covering!

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Shane Finn