DAY THIRTY ONE - Going ultra for...


Daily Blog 31: Micheline Clancy

What is your biggest dream for the future?  

‘My biggest dream for the future is to have a successful Life Coaching business! To empower people to be their best self and to live the life they want! It is also my dream to empower and support people with disabilities to live independently.’

What does SBHI mean to you? 

‘SBHI is a fantastic organisation! I have been volunteering on the SHINE summer project for many years now and it has been an amazing experience. The adult breakaways and social events have been great a way to make friends.’

What do you think about Shane Finn and his American Ultra challenge? 

‘I think Shane Finn is an absolutely incredible guy! The challenges he sets himself in raising funds for SBHI is amazing. I have been following his incredible performances and experience on his American Ultra Challenge and it is unbelievable!’

Shane Finn