DAY TWENTY SEVEN - Going ultra for...


Daily Blog 27: Mary Evans

What is your biggest dream for the future?  

‘My biggest dream was always to visit New York. Now my dream is being fulfilled with icing on the cake by Shane! Shane, I cannot wait to welcome you on the NY Brooklyn Bridge on the 3rd of May. Now, for the future, my biggest dream is for Liverpool to win the Premiership in the not too distant future!’

What does SBHI mean to you? 

‘I live with SBH every day and night. Shane has highlighted our struggles in life and all the efforts that SBHI make on our behalf. SBHI is always there for me and my family.’

What do you think about Shane Finn and his American Ultra challenge? 

‘I am very proud of Shane and all of his achievements. Many people expressed doubt that Shane would achieve this extraordinary feat but I never doubted him. See you in New York, Shane!’

Shane Finn