DAY TWENTY TWO - Going ultra for...


Daily Blog 22: Keith O’Toole

What is your biggest dream for the future?  

‘To keep training and winning in Karate. To keep making new goals at the centre in Clonshaugh and smashing them. We would love if SBHI had a village where people could live supported or for me to go to when my Ma is in hospital.’  

What does SBHI mean to you? 

‘SBHI means the world to me and my Ma. We are all like a family. We would be lost without it. I live for going to the Centre everyday, going on SHINE and SBHI events. Go SBHI!’

What do you think about Shane Finn and his American Ultra challenge? 

‘It's a brilliant idea and a tough challenge but one I am sure Shane can do. Shane is a very down to earth guy and I can't wait to see him when he gets back. Go Shane!’

Shane Finn