DAY TWENTY ONE - Going ultra for...


Daily Blog 21: Julieanne Bell

Today is a special day for Shane Finn and SBHI as we fondly remember SBHI member Julieanne Bell, who has passed away since having Day 21 of American Ultra dedicated to her. Julieanne Bell was a larger than life character, well-known to her community as a “Bubbly, vivacious, good humoured, smiley, great craic, warm, friendly, direct, happy, welcoming and very endearing” woman. Julieanne, along with her parents Breda and Gerry, played a vital role in Shane’s 2015 ‘24 marathons in 24 days’ Donegal to Dingle venture, contributing enormously towards supporting and fundraising for SBHI. Today, we ask that you keep Julieanne in your thoughts and employ her spirit of positivity into your own life and those around you🙏

Shane Finn