DAY TWELVE - Going ultra for...

Day 12 Erin PNG.png

Daily Blog 12: Erin Harrold 

What is your biggest dream for the future?  

‘To live independently and travel as much of the world as possible… To inspire and help people along the way by showing them that the word ‘can’t’ doesn’t exist in my world…’

What does SBHI mean to you? 

‘To me, SBHI is a loving and helpful group of extended family and friends… A group that can offer so much help, advice, fun and memorable times to all age groups…’

What do you think about Shane Finn and his American Ultra challenge? 

‘When I think of Shane Finn, I just think he is such an amazing person who must have the strongest willpower ever to do these tough challenges. He definitely has the biggest heart of gold that you could have and he’s doing all of this for us…❤Go Shane you are the best!’

Shane Finn